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Uhrman: It's 'inevitable' major publishers will develop for Ouya


It's "inevitable" that big publishers will make games for Ouya, the company's CEO Julie Uhrman said at GamesBeat 2013.

"The publishers are always late to the newest business models," she said. "Is it likely an Activision or an [Electronic Arts] will come to Ouya? Absolutely."

Uhrman doesn't expect Activision to bring Call of Duty to her tiny Android console – the big publishers will make games specific to Ouya, she said: "The reason I don't have a Call of Duty or a Madden or a FIFA on Ouya is because there's a perfectly good place to play those games today. When those publishers come to us, they're going to bring the perfect game [for] our platform .... It won't be the same thing."

This week, Uhrman announced Ouya would begin shipping with a redesigned controller later in the year, and the hardware would get an update in 2014, fulfilling the company's promise to relaunch the console annually.

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