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Dead Rising 3's SmartGlass app lets NPC call, probably not for bowling

Capcom Vancouver developer Brent Arnst wrote about the creation of Dead Rising 3's SmartGlass app in a Gamasutra blog yesterday, detailing the way the zombie-ridden universe's survivors will interact with it.

Arnst noted a character that will call and text the player "at any time to offer advice, new missions or tempting prizes," an idea stemming from the team's desire to make the SmartGlass implementation feel more natural for the game. Developing a relationship with this character will offer missions that are only available to those using SmartGlass. Completing these missions will award the player with access codes, a currency that unlocks and expands options for the game's military apps, which allow the player to call for air strikes or launch of flares to distract zombie hordes. USB sticks containing details for a hint-providing app or new ringtones and wallpapers for SmartGlass will also be hidden throughout the game.

The blog mentioned other apps for SmartGlass as well, including a map, a news feed with mock stories, a hint system, an item finder and a way to track missions. Arnst also shared the idea of "being able to 'call' up your nearest safe house and have a survivor you had previously rescued run to your aid." That kind of sounds like the perfect way for survivors to redeem themselves for the brainless, infuriating actions of their predecessors.

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