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Breakfast Topic: What's the most obscure thing in your bank?

Anne Stickney

I have several different things that I enjoy about WoW -- raiding, taking screenshots of everything under the sun, scenarios -- but nothing quite so pervasive as collecting. I love collecting pets, although with the introduction of the Battle Pet system and so many new pets, I have yet to catch them all. I love collecting mounts, even though sometimes (like the case, yet again, with the Headless Horseman) I can never seem to get the things to drop. I like collecting interesting gear for transmogrification, even though my bank and void storage are pretty much bursting at the seams.

And I like collecting random junk. Sometimes there are reasons why I keep it, like the Squashed Rabbit Carcasses I carefully hoarded away for that rainy day when I needed a particularly unusual "gift" for a friend. Sometimes I keep it just because it strikes me as particularly funny, like the Slap Rock that you can only get on Kezan. Some I keep because they hold special significance, like the Scepter of the Shifting Sands. But the most obscure thing would have to be my Pocket Lint. I couldn't even remember where I'd gotten it from until just now when I looked on Wowhead -- it's from Dire Maul. Why did I keep it? I don't know. It's pocket lint. Everyone always has lint in their pockets, don't they?

I'm curious, however -- obviously the stuff in my bags and bank runs the range from really cool items to what is frankly the most useless thing I could ever pick to take up an inventory slot. But I'm sure I'm not the only one with weird things taking up inventory space. So stop what you're doing -- just for a moment, mind you -- and take a look at your character's bank and bags. What's the oddest thing you've got? What's the least useful? And if it's not useful, why do you keep it? Do you collect things, or are you the type of person that mercilessly throws everything away once it has served its purpose?

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