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Breakfast Topic: What live event do you wish BlizzCon would hold?

Scott Helfand

We're just days away from the big event, and if you're anything like me (or our not-so-crabby friend up there), your e-spine is increasingly tingling as these final days tick inexorably away. We're no doubt about to indulge ourselves in two gloriously exhausting days stuffed to the gills with huge announcements, exciting events, informative talks and all-around great entertainment -- plus, some of WoW's most famous and talented players will be on the game's biggest stage competing live for honor, glory and the satiation of their near-unquenchable virtual bloodlust.

Aye, there'll be tournaments and competitions galore at BlizzCon this year, just as there have been in years past -- including a live raid in which two of the world's top guilds race to drag Garrosh and his cronies down into the Orgrimmarian mud. Pixels shall be felled, victors shall be crowned, and all of WoWdom shall rejoice!

It's just that ... well, sometimes, don't you kinda wish that in addition to the organized PvP tournaments and live raids, BlizzCon also featured other kinds of live gaming events?

What if there was a competition among our greatest pet battlers? Or an online fashion-runway contest in which players strutted out their most fabulously, uniquely dressed and transmogged characters? Or a carefully staged scenario in which a bunch of unsuspecting PvE-only players were dropped into a zone and told to farm 50 herbs as quickly as they could, only to realize the hard way that standing in their way was a similarly sized group of the world's most accomplished PvP gankers?

If you could add one live event to the BlizzCon schedule this year, what would it be?

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