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Ex-Blizzard dev founds mobile game studio


Another ex-Blizzard developer has struck out on his own to co-found a new studio that will develop mobile games.

Rich Barham is the co-founder of Octopus 8 Studios, heading up a small team that also includes Chris Cox and Justin Parsler. Octopus 8 Studios is currently working on two mobile games, one of which will be released by the end of 2013. We have no details about either game as of yet.

Previously, Barham was the US group manager for Blizzard, the global director of ZeniMax Online Studios and the global director of support for Riot Games. He sees Octopus 8 as an opportunity to create an agile studio that will provide experience to new talent: "Octopus 8 Studios is doing things a different way, and we believe it's the right way -- for games people, and for games."

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