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Would adding 'Car Mode' to the iPhone prevent texting while driving?


Texting while driving is an insanely dangerous habit that, despite the best efforts of many different groups, shows little sign of slowing. We're already used to having to using our iPhones in "Airplane Mode" when taking to the skies, so would a "Car Mode" be a viable tool for curbing dangerous texting habits? As Fast Company reports, a pair of designers -- Joey Cofone and Michael Vanderbyl -- have come up with a concept for how such a feature -- of which there are already versions on the Moto X and certain Windows Phones -- would work and look on the iPhone.

The theoretical mode would activate as soon as it senses your vehicle's Bluetooth system (if your car doesn't have Bluetooth, I guess you're out of luck). It connects to your vehicle for GPS navigation and other common features, but if you happen to receive a text message during your drive it will be collected and held until you shut your vehicle off. If you text someone while their device is in Car Mode, you'll be told that they cannot read messages at the moment.

So what do you think? Would such a feature help or would chronic text addicts just disable it and resume their dangerous practice?

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