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Gran Turismo 6 lands a moon buggy, otherwise Earthly car list revealed


Of the 1197 vehicles confirmed for Gran Turismo 6, one certainly stands out. That said, the Lunar Roving Vehicle LRV-001 would stand out just about anywhere except the moon.

The iconic Apollo 15 buggy is the most surprising inclusion in Polyphony Digital's sim, and the most befuddling. After all, it's unclear if you'll drive it on the Moon, or Earth, or maybe both. A new trailer certainly hints at the possibility of some lunar lapping, at least.

As for the other 1196 cars, which suddenly seem humdrum in comparison, you can check them out on the Gran Turismo 6 website. And maybe we'll see you on the dark side of the moon in a month's time, when the PS3 game lands on December 6.

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