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Extinction escape sim Dino Run 2 announced for PC, mobile


Indie developer Pixeljam officially announced Dino Run 2 this week, and now turns to Kickstarter to fund a PC and mobile follow-up to its landmark endless runner.

Released as a Flash game in 2008, Dino Run put players in control of a doomed dinosaur escaping from a world-destroying pyroclastic surge. Dino Run 2 retains the side-scrolling, pixelated look of the original game, but expands on the formula with multiple characters, physics-driven emergent gameplay, and new playable eras, including a destructive trip through a modern-day city.

Pixeljam seeks $175,000 to fund the project, and plans to launch Dino Run 2 in January for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Ouya. Ports for iOS and Android are slated to arrive six months after the game's initial PC launch.

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