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Peggle 2 rated for PS4, Xbox 360 in South Korea


South Korea's Game Rating Board classified Peggle 2 for PS4 and Xbox 360 this week, as well as Xbox One. The puzzler follow-up is set to arrive on Xbox One first, and there's no indication that's changed, even though it won't make the console's launch this month.

However, these ratings suggest it could trickle onto other platforms in the near future. PopCap has already said Peggle 2 will, much like its predecessor, be ported to "as many other platforms as possible."

PopCap's enthusiastically announced sequel is due next month on Xbox One. According to our PAX Prime preview, it doesn't ricochet too far from the tried-and-tested Peggle formula, but it still "looks like a game you'll play until your thumbs drop off."

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