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Spencer: Microsoft focused on core games for PC


Microsoft Studios vice president Phil Spencer reaffirmed the company's commitment to PC gaming in a recent chat with Shacknews, revealing that the company has several core gamer-focused first party projects in the works for Windows.

"We probably have more individual projects on Windows than we've had in ten years at Microsoft Studios," Spencer said. "At the launch of Windows 8, we had about 30 games in the Windows Store. A lot of those you'd consider lightweight or casual games... But we've covered all of that property now. Now we're starting to look at bigger and core gamer things. I'm excited by that."

While Microsoft is currently focusing on its upcoming console launch, notable Xbox One projects like Titanfall and Project Spark are also slated for a PC release. Spencer notes that cross-platform interactivity and content-sharing will be a key component of Microsoft's strategy going forward.

"For us, we're first-party across all Microsoft devices," Spencer explained. "We definitely think about ourselves that way in our studios. If you think about a service like Spotify or Netflix, you expect that service to work on any device you have. For some games, it will be similar. I just want to have an Xbox Live account and it works on my phone, on my console, and my Windows machine. And then I'll be able to access my content in a screen-appropriate way."

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