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Super Meat Boy now $3 thanks to Steam's Midweek Madness sale


If you haven't yet experienced the soul-crushing difficulty of Super Meat Boy, now's your chance: From now until 7PM on November 7, the indie platformer is available on Steam at an 80 percent discount.

Including 300-plus stages, boss fights and sadistic jumping puzzles, Super Meat Boy is not for the faint of heart. It does however, offer immense bragging rights for anyone able to finish the game. Then, once you've trumped every level, you can start building your own diabolical masterpieces in the game's level editor, or pour another dozen hours into Super Meat Boy seeking its hidden warp areas and well-hidden secret characters.

The one major caveat here is that while you can play Super Meat Boy on a keyboard, the game's split-second timing almost demands players utilize a gamepad. Fortunately, the game's rudimentary control scheme lends itself well to almost any controller, including Sony's new DualShock 4.

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