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Xbox One Kinect tracks head lean, voice commands in Battlefield 4


When Battlefield 4 hits the Xbox One, it will bring with it a few new Kinect options that make your own body movements part of the virtual firefight.

Most novel are the device's head-tracking capabilities. According to Polygon, if your Kinect senses your head tilting far enough to the left or right, your in-game character will mirror this action, carefully leaning out of cover to line up a shot (or have his or her fool head blown off). Voice commands are likewise supported, allowing players to call for more ammo, medical assistance or a ride from any characters currently driving a vehicle.

Though the Xbox One (and PS4) iteration of Battlefield 4 launches on November 19, the Xbox One itself won't debut until November 22. Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the game are currently available.

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