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Leaked Reaper of Souls trailer sums up Diablo 3 expansion


A leaked trailer for Diablo 3's expansion, Reaper of Souls, shows some of Adventure mode, which allows players to take on bounties in the action RPG for gold and XP prizes. We also see Nephalem Rifts will give players access to special survival events, where the goal is to hold out until a "Nephalem Rift Guardian" appears - a big monster lugging a lot of gold and XP.

We also get a glimpse at The Mystic, an individual who can enchant and transmogrify items. The Paragon system - Diablo 3's version of character progression - gets an overhaul too, though Blizzard has already gone into detail about the changes.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls is due sometime in 2014, and will be available on the PC, Mac and PS4.

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