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PSA: Fiesta your eyes on the new Rayman runner, out row


Cancel that siesta because Rayman Fiesta Run is out today, and you can grab it on the App Store right now. Ubisoft's Latin-flavored auto-runner, which is priced at $3, is also due on Google Play [update: it's live] and Windows 8 storefronts.

I couldn't resist a quick go on my iPhone 5 this morning, and I'm both pleased and upset to report I wanted a much longer go. Early impressions: If you liked Jungle Run, then surprise surprise, you'll probably like Fiesta Run too.

Ubisoft hasn't strayed too far from last year's winning formula, but the addition of the Invasion levels looks to stand out. These are much tougher variations of the regular levels, layering the original version with plenty of additional enemies and traps. Each Invasion level is unlocked when you get all 100 lums in the easier version - which, as it happens, I'm already finding harder to do.

Another neat touch - apparently exclusive to the iOS version - if you played Jungle Run on the same device, your tally of lums from that game will transfer over to Fiesta Run; you can use lums to unlock various artwork, heroes, and helpful items the follow-up.

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