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Star Trek Online dev blog details Federation interior revamp

Jef Reahard

Star Trek Online environment artist Jeff Miller has penned a new dev blog focused on the upcoming Federation ship interior revamp. Players can look forward to dynamic hallways and smaller, more compact designs that still allow plenty of room for combat maneuvering.

What's a dynamic hallway? It's a hallway "built in sections that can easily be swapped out with other things," Miller explains. "For example, if a mission calls for the player to be in a more engineering-type deck, we can very easily swap out a paneled wall section with piping. Another example would be what we like to call special situations. A special situation would be like if a mission required a sudden explosion to occur and an entire section gets blasted out into space. The way the new hall kits are made let us do cool new things like this a lot easier."

There's much more to the dev blog, and of course the revamp itself will be playable via the new Federation tutorial coming in Season 8.

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