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Steam weekend deals: Devolver, Total War and Blood Dragon


Strategy, action, bloody arcade madness? Steam is having a sale on all of those this weekend! First up, publisher Devolver's dropping discounts on Hotline Miami ($2.49), Shadow Warrior ($26.79) and the Serious Sam series ($14.24 for all of 'em).

Also discounted this weekend is Sega's strategic Total War: Rome 2 for $44.96, which is 25 percent off. Wrapping up the weekend deals (as far as we know, at this moment in time) is a bundle of Call of Juarez Gunslinger and '80s neon wash romp Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon at 50 percent off for $12.50 – also available at $7.50 apiece. Steam reserves the right to add even more weekend sales whenever it feels like it.

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