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Who moves into abandoned Apple Stores?


Apple stores have a distinct design and layout that most people can recognize on sight. When the company leaves one location for another one, the abandoned store is devoid of Apple products and Apple signage, but it still has the same Apple look and feel. So what happens to these retail locations in their post-Apple era?

ifoAppleStore takes a look at the now empty Palo Alto and Third Street Promenade stores, which Apple left behind in late 2012. The Palo Alto store is still vacant with only an Apple banner on the window directing customers to the new store down the street. The retail location is owned by an investment group that is trying to rent the space at a rate of US$489,000 per year. For that price, new tenants will get 6,800 square feet of retail space and potential access to the 18,859 vehicles that pass in front of the store.

Investors that own the Third Street Promenade store have been a bit more successful at transferring the site to a new renter. The location sits behind a barricade that serves to partially hide a Champs Sports logo. Details on the incoming tenant are not known, but a rental brochure says the investors were asking for $1.13 million a year for the walkway-lined location.

You can read more about these locations, their rentals and floor plans at ifoAppleStore.

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