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Halo 4 anniversary unleashes silly, bizarre, terrifying outtakes


Halo 4 is now a year old, and to celebrate the milestone, developer 343 Industries has offered a look at some of the content that didn't make it into the retail game for reasons ranging from simple collision problems to an overwhelming level of mind-rending horror.

The video (which can be found on 343 Industries' site) starts off calmly enough, with franchise director Frank O'Connor introducing what you would expect to be a staid look at content that would otherwise go unseen. Seconds after O'Connor fades from view however, things take a turn for the crazy. Rainbow Warthogs, moonwalking Master Chiefs and twirling robots abound. Character models twist and contort in unnatural fashion, guns fire vehicles instead of bullets, and untextured heads shriek terrible litanies thankfully muted by the clip's jaunty soundtrack.

The outtakes are by no means required viewing, but today, a week before the next generation of gaming kicks off in earnest, it's nice to take a moment to relax with the sort of insanity our favorite pastime can unwittingly spawn.

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