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Lord of the Rings Online videos tour the landscape of Helm's Deep

MJ Guthrie

News about Lord of the Rings Online's upcoming Helm's Deep expansion has been making its way to fans since the NDA dropped earlier this week. And now, video walkthroughs are added to that list. Two beta players, Andang and Ethelros, filmed a tour of each of the new upcoming zones. These videos take you on a leisurely stroll through Kingstead, Eastfold, Broadacres, Stonedeans, Westfold, and Helm's Deep itself.

Grab a drink and settle back: Each walkthrough is between seven and 18 minutes long. Enjoy Helm's Deep and Westfold in the videos below, and head on over to LOTRO Players to behold the other four zones.

[Thanks to all who sent this in!]

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