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PSN friends list increase lets you mingle with 2000 best buds


PlayStation socialites can add 2000 of their nearest and dearest to their PSN friends list, after Sony activated the previously-announced limit increase this week. You can begin cultivating your buddy list via the Vita ahead of the PS4's launch next week, but the PS3 XMB still supports up to 100 pals only.

If your friend count goes over the 100 mark on PS4 or Vita, PS3 servers will automatically filter in active friends on the XMB. According to PlayStation Europe Community Manager Chris Owen, you'll be able to lock a preset PS3 friends list if you so wish. Additionally, Sony is planning support to display all of your friends in "most applications and games" on the system, but some games will keep to the 100 friends limit.

[Image: Stefano Tinti via Shutterstock]

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