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Unfortunate capsuleer learns not to move EVE Online PLEX in starter ships


There is one rule in EVE Online that all pilots should remember: Never fly what you cannot afford to lose. Every few months, however, a capsuleer gets a little too comfortable, feels a little too safe, and is instantly punished for a tiny lapse in judgment. This week's lesson comes in the form of an obliterated Ibis carrying 42 PLEX cards, each of which has a real-life value of around $20 and is good for 30 days of EVE game time. The cards themselves were not destroyed, meaning some lucky pirate just snagged $840 (or 25 billion ISK) worth of loot for simply taking a potshot at a woefully underequipped frigate.

The kill occurred in Jita, a high-security system that acts as one of EVE's central trading hubs. While there is protection for players in high-security space, today's kill should reinforce the idea that you're never truly safe in EVE -- if you're going to move PLEX, you should do it in something with more armor than a soda can.

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