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Ask Engadget: best home backup system?


We know you've got questions, and if you're brave enough to ask the world for answers, then here's the outlet to do so. This week's Ask Engadget inquiry is from Stevie, who wants to get into the archival game. If you're looking to ask one of your own, drop us a line at ask [at] engadget [dawt] com.

"I'd like to set up a central backup system for all four of our home computers. I'd like to have a wired and wireless option as they're all scattered around the place, and would need to have a very safe redundant disk system of some kind, and also to act as a media storage device for future HTPC uses. Am I wanting too much? Is there some hope out there for me? Thanks!"

Now, in our humble opinion, what you're really looking for is a beefy NAS with enough speed to pump backups in and movies out at a comfortable rate. Our first thought, therefore, is to suggest the LaCie 2big, which'll throw information around your network at 100MB/s and can be picked up for under $500 (if you go for the non-Thunderbolt version). The big upside of using a device like this, of course, is that it'll happily work with both Windows and OS X backup software, taking a lot of the hard work out of your hands. Still, that's just one suggestion from us, we're reasonably sure that the mavens who lurk in our comment threads will more than happily oblige you with some more suggestions.

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