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BlizzCon 2013: First Look at Heroes of the Storm

Scott Helfand

The first day of BlizzCon 2013 brought us a healthy taste of what to expect from Heroes of the Storm -- or "BlizzCon, the Game," as several folks at Blizzard are apparently referring to it.

A crazy, wacky mash-up of virtually every major Blizzard game currently in existence, Heroes will be a real-time, team-based, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game in which groups of players must combine strategy with mastery of their characters to win matches on a diverse range of battlegrounds.

In an hourlong panel discussion, Game Director Dustin Browder, Production Director Chris Sigaty, Senior Art Director Sam Didier and Lead Software Engineer Alan Dabiri guided us through the main aspects of the game, introduced many of the heroes we'll be playing -- which include Arthas of WoW, Kerrigan of Starcraft and Diablo of ... well, you know -- and even provided play-by-play announcing while showing us a couple of sample battleground gameplay videos.

The second day of BlizzCon will feature a panel with nitty-gritty details on the game. In the meantime, flip through these 150+ moments from the overview panel to get a sense for what Heroes is all about! (You can also get a glimpse of the kind of damage that an Elite Tauren Chieftan can deal, and see what Uther Lightbringer would look like if he accidentally got locked in a Starcraft character's dressing room.)

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