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NBA 2K14's MyGM mode on Xbox One, PS4 gives players franchise control


NBA 2K14 on Xbox One and PS4 will feature a new franchise management mode called MyGM. In MyGM, players assume the role of General Manager - the guy in charge of everything from player contract negotiations to how much it'll cost for hot dogs at the stadium on game day.

The backbone of MyGM is a new conversation system. As GMs converse with the owner, players and the press, they'll build a rapport: make decisions that benefit the franchise and you'll gain trust from the organization; lie to the press and you'll incite their ire. Make enough mistakes and you'll get canned.

NBA 2K14 Producer Eric Boenisch is quite proud of the evolved franchise mode. "Franchise modes are a passion of mine. They're my go-to modes in sports game," Boenisch prefaced during a conference call overview of the new mode earlier today. "I appreciate the level of shrewdness that goes into building a roster, whether that be trying to beat other GMs to trades or making very opportunistic free agent signings. It's a mind game and one that I enjoy and tried to piece together for fans of our games."

The mode is very much individualized to your GM. Players will upgrade their attributes, which will include things like being more persuasive in trade and salary negotiations or unlocking the ability to sell more things in your stadium. MyGM is not only about nurturing the growth of your organization, but also growing your character's skill set.

MyGM is exclusive to NBA 2K14 on Xbox One and PS4. When asked why the mode isn't available on Xbox 360 and PS3, Boenisch said, "I don't know if we could've done this in a single full development cycle." He elaborated that the mode is something the team has been working on "for a good while" now, implying that it's been in development for more than a year.

"Then obviously delivering it convincingly, visually, requires the next-gen consoles. When you're having these conversations with ridiculously high-res people at the tables talking to you, the owner - you've all seen the trailers, you know what our graphics look like - that experience carries over into this mode. And MyGM as a whole is a completely new experience. Getting it done in a year was something that's very difficult to do."

NBA 2K14 will be available alongside the PS4 launch on November 15, as well as alongside the Xbox One launch on November 22.

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