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The Queue: Post-BlizzCon

Michael Sacco

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

Finally, we have questions that also have definitive answers! Of course there's still some speculation in today's Queue.

koramur asked:

What do you think about their decision not to give free appearance change with new models?Seems incredibly strange to me. New models are nice, sure, but what if I plain do not like the new face? Getting paid change for all of my characters are kinda costy.

I think it's too soon to say whether we'll need a recustomization at all. The new faces they showed aren't 1:1 copies, but we also don't know what every face will look like and whether the faces they did show will change between now and beta (or launch). To me this is a wait-and-see situation before I start complaining.

Frankly, unless the corresponding faces are dramatically different, I think most people should probably just be happy their character doesn't look like garbage anymore.

Andrew10 asked:

The one topic I don't see in any recap, what about transmog? Are they expanding it? More options? Also, while updating the quality of character models, any chance they're updating old armor?

Cory Stockton said they're working on a D3-style transmog library rather than having to have the items in your possession to use their appearance, but they left it off the slides in case it didn't make launch. As for armor, chances are incredibly slim. There are a lot of armor items.

KrzysztofBartczak asked:

Any info on Ner'Zhul? He wasn't really a bad guy before becoming the Lich King, just wanting to do what's best for his people, would be awesome, if he was the local Horde leader, like Khadgar is Alliance's.

From the official site:

Though Ner'zhul is contemplative and forward-thinking, his vision of a united orcish culture has been eclipsed by the manipulations of his apprentice, Gul'dan, and the bloody reality of the rising Iron Horde. His clan, the Shadowmoon, has always looked reverently to the stars to guide their fellows. Today, the mysticism of these death-sages nudges Draenor closer to obliteration.

Matthew5508 asked:

With the next expansion being on dreanor, will we finally be seeing turalyon and alleria?

Not in this expansion, according to Metzen, but they "definitely have big plans" for them.

StevenHolender asked:

Will Heirlooms really be BOA with the expansion? Listed as BOA now but as I have multiple toons over a couple of realms, I cannot send them even on my own account. Certainly not BOA.

Yes. They're making an heirloom library you can pull from on any character. No need to hold onto the items.

CindyLewis asked:

Didn't I read somewhere, a fair while ago, that level 100 is where WoW would end? Where leveling would stop? Do we have any real reason, one way or the other, to confirm or deny that possibility?

Nope. Blizzard never said this, though fans have repeatedly stated it over the years as it was fact. It isn't.

Snichy76 asked:

I'll try ad keep this nice and simple: Is the threat from Garrosh based on him staying there and changing our past thereby ruining the timeline and killing us before we were born (a bit like Back to the Future) or does he intend to bring the Iron Horde back from the past straight to the future (i.e. our present) to kill us the old fashioned way, with steel and magic.

He's planning to bring the united Iron Horde to modern-day Azeroth and bust our noses.

Mixxie143 asked:

So, is the continent a modified Outland? Or are we going back in time to a brand new continent, leaving Outland intact?

It's not a modified Outland. Blizzard built Draenor from the ground up using Outland as a reference only in a spatial sense. The zones are completely new, with Nagrand being the zone that has "changed the least but is still very different".

Fraug asked:

Will Garrisons be visible to other players? If I invite a buddy to my group, can I show off Fort Awesome?

Yes, party members will be able to see your garrison.

Patches asked:

How do the horde fit in who do they hook up with to stop Garrosh?

At least at the beginning, you're teaming up with the Frostwolf clan; they're the only clan to have turned down Garrosh's offer in favor of surviving on their own. Durotan and Draka will be among the Frostwolf orcs you'll be interacting with.

RyanWilliamVoll asked:

So from looking at the map, Draenor only had one continent? It looks like the planet was more water than land, and not much of the "land" area was lost during the explosion.

I thought there would be much more "land" area to the planet than what we saw in BC, but the new map makes it look like most of it stayed intact.

There's a HUGE continent to the southwest of the continent we'll be exploring, and you can see it in the panel maps. Blizzard described it as the original homeland of the ogres. There are probably other continents too.

cs0875 asked:

If you already have a 90 do you get another 90? Or is that only for people who don't have a max level character?

Everybody gets a 90, including people who already have one. You can apply to 90 boost to any pre-90 character, even a level 88 if you want.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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