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Bargains abound as Humble Bundle evolves into Humble Store


In case periodic Humble Bundle releases and weekly sales aren't enough to sate your appetite for wildly cheap games that directly benefit charity, the people behind the Bundle have now launch the Humble Store.

The video above serves as a mute demonstration of how the Humble Store works, but anyone familiar with Steam or Good Old Games should feel right at home. The virtual retailer offers a number of games (largely independent titles) at sizable discounts, only unlike those aforementioned digital distribution services, the money earned by the Humble Store will be partially earmarked for charity: 75 percent of your purchase goes to the game's creators, 15 percent goes toward administrative fees, and the remaining 10 percent goes to charity.

The game selection on the Humble Store is a bit scant at the moment, but it's a quality over quantity situation. You'll find games available on Windows, Linux and Mac, and standout releases such as Don't Starve, Gunpoint and Rogue Legacy - none of which are currently priced higher than $7.50.

If you prefer the old way of doing things, you're in luck: Despite the Humble Store's debut, the Humble Bundle will continue to appear on a regular basis. Joining the Humble Bundle mailing list will now inform you both about upcoming Bundles as well as new deals on the Humble Store, which are said to change on a daily basis.

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