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Tweetbot 3.1 released, missing features return


Back in October, popular Twitter iOS client Tweetbot got a major makeover with version 3.0. However, not all fans of the app were happy, as some of the features of the previous versions had been cut out. With the release of Tweetbot 3.1 today, many of those missing features have made it back into the app -- as the developer said they would. Here's a rundown of all that is back (and what's new, too):

What's New in Version 3.1
- Using a list as your timeline is back (hold down on "Timeline" title to reveal the menu)
- Right swipe to quick reply (short swipe and release for custom action)
- Resize text within the app (Settings > Display)
- Option to set square avatars and hide timeline badges (Settings > Display)
- Email conversations or share via Storify
- "Last tweet x minutes ago" is back in the profiles (under recent images)
- Removed "Retweeted by" string so there's less chance of truncation
- Lots of bug fixes

Tweetbot developer Paul Haddad also tweeted today that Night Mode will be coming to Tweetbot in the near future. Tweetbot 3.1 is on sale for US$2.99.

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