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Bring an end to nightmares in today's Guild Wars 2 content release

Anatoli Ingram

Today ArenaNet will release the latest Guild Wars 2 content update, The Nightmares Within, so get ready to enter the sinister Nightmare tower and take pollution down to zero. In addition to new encounters and the continuation of GW2's living story plot, the update will also feature some nifty rewards: toxic Krait miniatures, a toxic spore backpack skin, and gas mask and air filtration system headgear skins. Help corrupt the surrounding area with your backpack while keeping your lungs safe from the consequences! Now that's what we call having the best of both worlds.

For more details on today's update, be sure to check out the GW2 official release page and tune in to ArenaNet's Twitch channel tomorrow, November 13th, at 3 p.m. EST (noon PST) for a developer-led look at the new content.

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