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Gunman Clive, Grimind approved in Steam Greenlight's latest community picks


Steam announced its latest batch of games approved by community vote at Steam Greenlight, naming Bertil Horberg's 3DSWare hit Gunman Clive and Indie Games Uprising standout Smooth Operators among 40 new games set to join Steam's online catalog in the coming months.

Other community-approved future releases include Nyu Media's doujin shoot-'em-up The Tale of ALLTYNEX, Pawel Mogila's horror-themed puzzle-platformer Grimind, and Milkstone Studios' overhead-view racing game Little Racers: Street.

The update also approves a long-dormant remake of the classic arcade game Toki, which dropped off the radar after developer Golgoth revealed that it was struggling to find a publisher on Xbox Live Arcade in 2009. Golgoth notes in a recent Greenlight update that further details regarding the remake will be available soon.

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