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PS4 returns on Jimmy Fallon's Late Night show this week


Much like a celebrity just before a book launch, the PS4 will make a returning appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon later this week. If you recall, Fallon got the first PS4 demo after the console's reveal back in February, when he and guest Anthony Anderson tried out Killzone: Shadow Fall. It's hard to forget how Anderson handled the DualShock like a cat who'd just had his tail pulled, or a potato baked on the surface of the sun. It was not pretty.

There are no details in NBC's schedule about what to expect from this pre-launch demo, but we know Sony is planning "exclusive world premieres and announcements" at its PS4 All Access show that starts later in the day. What are the chances the PS4 announcement party gets going a bit early? We'll find out either way when Fallon's show airs at 12:35AM ET, Thursday, November 14 (9:35PM PT November 13) on NBC.

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