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Apple expands iAd workbench to include nine new countries


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Apple this past June rolled out iAd Workbench, a service that enables developers to build targeted ad campaigns for their apps while also providing them with tools to easily create ads.

Apple describes the service thusly:

Reach millions of iOS users with iAd Workbench, the simplest way to create, manage and optimize ad campaigns to promote your apps. Get started in just a few simple steps. Select the right audience for your app and set the best price for your business goals. Build customized banners in minutes. Track your campaign performance and drive downloads at the cost that works for you. From start to finish, iAd Workbench puts you in control.

MacNN is now reporting that iAd Workbench has been rolled out to nine additional countries, including Canada, France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Italy, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Once developers have an ad ready to go, they can easily tweak the budget for particular ad campaigns and can even choose to dole out funds on either a cost-per-click or cost-per-acquisition basis.

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