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Jury selection for Apple, Samsung damages retrial complete


The damages retrial between Apple and Samsung will begin today following Tuesday's successful jury selection. Reuters is reporting that out of dozens of jurors interviewed by lawyers for the two tech companies, they were able to settle on six women and two men to serve.

This week's trial stems from the possible miscalculation of damages awarded to Apple by jurors in an August 2012 patent infringement trial. Our own Yoni Heisler wrote a complete rundown of the trial's details yesterday, which you can read here. It's important to note that this trial is expected to only last six days, and ultimately will have little effect on the current mobile phone market. The devices in violation of Apple's patents have long since been discontinued and replaced.

Still, it will be interesting to see how much monetary damage this new jury will find Samsung culpable for. Keep checking TUAW for updates on the trial.

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