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Sony holding PS4 event at The Standard High Line in NYC, consoles available


Sony announced this morning that it will have 444 additional PlayStation 4 units available for sale at The Standard, High Line hotel in New York City at midnight on November 15. The line for them starts right now and only credit cards will be accepted (repeat: no cash!). And, you know, wear layers, because it's cold.

"Activities will include an arcade where fans can play games on up to 30 kiosks. Additionally, the entire north side and east sides of the hotel will transform into a gigantic interactive lighting installation," Jennifer Clark, senior director of product publicity wrote on the PlayStation Blog this morning. "Starting Thursday, images depicting the creative process of developing video games will be projected on the entire north side of the 18-story building."

All the festivities culminate in tomorrow night's PS4 All Access: Greatness Awaits launch event at 11PM Eastern.

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