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Sony's Tretton projects 3 million PS4s sold by year's end


Sony Computer Entertainment of America president and CEO Jack Tretton reiterated his sales projections for the PlayStation 4 in a recent interview with Bloomberg, asserting that three million PS4 consoles will be sold by the end of 2013.

Tretton additionally believes that PS4 console sales will surpass five million units by March 2014. Tretton bases his projections on the fact that the PS4 will launch in 32 countries by the end of the year, arriving in a broader selection of markets and at a cheaper cost than Microsoft's competing Xbox One. Robert W. Baird & Co. analyst Colin Sebastian backed up Tretton's estimates, projecting that Sony will sell three million PS4s this year.

"This is a marathon, not a sprint, but getting out to a nice start is a good thing," Tretton said. "That hurdle has been cleared. We're very, very confident we're in great shape."

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