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Toshiba's new SDHC cards can save to your camera, phone and cloud service all at once


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Despite the introduction of a wireless LAN SD standard last year, WiFi SDHC cards are still a fairly rare animal, with pioneer Eye-Fi the alpha dog. If you're into it, though, Toshiba's just added a high-capacity 32GB SDHC FlashAir model that'll let you simultaneously share photos to your smartphone or tablet, the internet and of course, the card itself. It does that through a special "pass-through" mode that permits connection to a second access point, such as a router or PC, even while saving wirelessly to your handheld device. The cards will support class 10 speeds along with 802.11n WiFi (finally), and Toshiba's also supplying firmware to owners of older FlashAir WiFi cards to give them the same pass-through capability. It'll be up for grabs in Japan on November 18th and the rest of the world a bit later, with the price to be determined -- though a 16GB FlashAir is about $90, if that helps.

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