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Zepp Labs shipping Multi-Sport Training System to help athletes improve their skills


Whether you're a dedicated amateur athlete or a professional, Zepp Labs has just started shipping something that can help you get to the top of your game. The company's Zepp Sensor and mount kits, along with dedicated apps for baseball, golf and tennis, are designed to let you focus on your swing while staying out of the way.

The sensor is about one inch square in size, about a half-inch in thickness and weighs only 6.3 grams. It can be attached to the bottom of a baseball bat or tennis racquet, or attaches easily to the back of a golf glove. Containing an ARM processor, 3D motion sensors and storage for thousands of swings, the Zepp sensor grabs up to 1,000 data points per second, then transfers the data to the athlete's iPhone or iPad.

Zepp Baseball (US$149.99) lets players replay and review swings in 360 degrees from any angle, track bat speed, capture the angles of the bat at impact with the ball and track progress over time. Zepp Golf ($149.99) also provides swing analysis, measures club speed, swing tempo and the angle of the club shaft at the top of your backswing. If your iPhone is in your pocket while you're swinging the club, it will measure how much your hips rotate. Each swing is given a SwingScore, measuring the quality of the swing. Your golf swing data can be shared or even compared with a PGA coach's swing.

Finally, tennis players will love Zepp Tennis ($149.99), as it tracks the number of forehands, backhands, serves and smashes hit during a tennis match. The power of each stroke is tracked, along with how many topspin, slice and flat shots are hit.

The sensor packs, along with an appropriate mount, will be in Apple Stores starting November 19 and selected Verizon stores beginning November 21. The company will also sell additional mounts for $9.99 each from the website. You can purchase the complete Training System today from the website if you are anxious to get started improving your abilities.

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