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Cerny on cloud gaming: Some genres perform better than others


PlayStation 4 lead architect Mark Cerny addressed the console's Gaikai-powered cloud gaming capabilities in a recent interview with IGN, explaining that certain genres may be more conducive to streamed gameplay than others due to latency.

"It is just a part of that cloud gaming technology that there will be a bit of latency there," Cerny said. "Ultimately I think it's going to be that some games will work really well in that kind of context and some games will work less well. If you're playing a twitch fighter or racing game, you might not want to be doing that. That's cloud gaming. But a lot of games will work very well that way."

Remote Play performance between the PlayStation 4 and a linked PlayStation Vita system should not be an issue, however. "If we're talking about Remote Play on Vita, that's done with a direct Wi-Fi link, and the latency is very low," Cerny assured. "It's all in the house. Once you get out of the house, there will be some latency."

Sony previously announced that players will be able to stream cloud-stored PlayStation 3 games on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita systems starting in 2014.

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