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Dead Rising 3 includes Mega Man gear, if you can earn it


By now it has become series tradition, so it's little surprise to learn that Dead Rising 3 allows players to equip items straight out of Mega Man X.

Slightly more surprising are the lengths you'll need to go to in order to earn your Mega Man X costume and Mega Buster weapon. In previous Dead Rising entries, most of the Mega Man-themed equipment could be found by raiding the right stores, but Dead Rising 3 demands players complete the game twice to earn the full ensemble. Once to earn the costume, then again on Nightmare Mode (which reinstates the classic Dead Rising time limit) to earn the Mega Buster.

That may seem like a lot of effort for fan service, but if past Dead Rising games are any indication, the Mega Buster should be an obscenely over-powered weapon that destroys zombies (and most boss characters) in a single shot.

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