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Watch Ice-T bully robots in Jimmy Fallon's PS4 demo of The Playroom


The PlayStation 4 returned on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week with a cuter, cuddlier demo in contrast to Killzone: Shadow Fall. Yet it still led to undue physical violence.

Some people, like Fallon, just want to play and have fun with the adorable augmented-reality robots of tech demo The Playroom. Then there are people like Fallon's guest Ice-T, who can't resist giving the innocent little androids a boot up the hiney.

While the audience was impressed by what The Playroom can do, they reserved their fullest applause for when a poor robot was pelted flat against the screen by the rapper-turned-actor. Don't forget, this guy has starred in fighting games as himself.

The Playroom is pre-installed on every PS4, and as you can see it uses the PlayStation Camera in some impressive ways. Check out own less violent hands-on video right here.

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