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Japan waits for greatness, much of Asia gets PS4 in December

If you early adopters thought waiting until November 15 for the PlayStation 4 was rough, consider our friends on other continents. The PS4 will reach the Malaysian market on December 20 for 1,799 RM ($561), PlayStation Asia has announced. 23 games will be available at its launch, including Call of Duty: Ghosts, Sound Shapes, and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag.

Those interested in carrying only one box out of a store have three options in the form of bundles - one with the PlayStation Camera for 1,899 RM ($593), another with Battlefield 4 for 1,969 RM ($614), or one with Killzone: Shadow Fall 1,939 RM ($604). The vanilla PS4 and Camera bundles will both come with one month of PlayStation Plus, while the game bundles will include two month subscriptions to PS+ and a 20 RM ($6) voucher for the PlayStation Network.

To view this from a global perspective, Hong Kong will beat Malaysia to the goods by three days, Europe will get theirs on November 29, and Japan is stuck waiting for greatness until February 22. Meanwhile, North Americans that just got their consoles are stressing the PSN, while a small percentage of them are having bad days.

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