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Solve wibbly wobbly timey wimey puzzles in mech game Reset


Reset, the time-traveling mech game from Theory Interactive, has officially launched a campaign on Indiegogo, seeking €65,000 by December 23. Theory Interactive teased the campaign in October with the project's first gameplay trailer.

Before that, all we knew about Reset was that it offered a unique take on single-player experiences: It's a co-op game that you play with yourself, traveling through time to solve puzzles cooperatively with other iterations or your giant robot. Also, we knew that it was pretty.

Theory Interactive is based in Finland, and to comply with Finnish law, everyone who donates to the development of Reset must choose a reward (horrible, we know). Reset is due out for PC around December 2014, with Mac, Linux, SteamOS and next-gen consoles a possibility down the line.

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