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The Coburns is a gorgeous adjustable wood stand for your iPad


I love minimalist design, especially when it is applied to iPhone and iPad accessories. There's something alluring about an accessory that drops the ornate design and focuses on form and function. Such is the case for the Coburns, an adjustable iPad stand from FineGrain, a two-man shop in Utah.

The Coburns are two simply styled blocks of wood that cradle your iPad. They attach to both sides of your iPad and allow you to prop it up so you can use the tablet comfortably on a desk or table. You can change the placement of the blocks to adjust the angle of your iPad -- place them low to prop the iPad up straight and place them high to keep the iPad almost flat.

The Coburns comes in two styles -- the lighter wood model is crafted from locally harvested Bird's eye Maple, while the darker model is Pau Ferro wood from South America. When you are not using your stand, a small magnet holds them together so you can toss them in your bag and always have the pair when you need them.

You can purchase a pair of the Coburns (US$19) from FineGrain via Kickstarter. They are available in models that are compatible with the iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Air. The project met its funding goal recently and will continue to take orders until funding ends on December 5. The Coburns will ship in December 2013.

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