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Who in their right mind would pay $9,000 for an iPod autographed by Steve Jobs?


How much is an old, dirty, used 30GB iPod worth? What about an old, dirty, used 30GB iPod with a somewhat questionable Steve Jobs signature on the back? According to eBay, it's worth about US$9,000. Well, at least that's how much the seller is asking for what appears to be a fifth-generation iPod with a bit of purple Sharpie marker on the back.

The seller -- who has a 100 percent feedback rating over 2,836 transactions -- offers no proof that the signature is the real deal, other than writing "AUTHENTIC" in all-caps in the item description. The auction is open for offers as well, though the five prices that have been proposed thus far have been shot down. If you're looking for a gift for the Apple fan who has everything, this might do the trick, though figuring out whether the Apple co-founder ever actually touched the device is probably more trouble than it's worth.

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