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Indie Royale Sigma Bundle has seven games and a question mark

The Indie Royale series continued on this week with The Sigma Bundle, a seven-game offering that comes with a question: What's in the box the mystery game? We won't know until it's revealed on the bundle's page, but what we do know is that the seven-game pack currently includes a first-person shooter, space simulator, real-time strategy game, two platformers and tactical and first-person RPGs.

The entirety of The Sigma Bundle is compatible with Windows platforms, but only Gravi, Skyward Collapse, 3089, Survive, and Freedom Fall are available DRM-free. Starpoint Gemini and Starvoid come only in the form of keys for Steam or Desura. Mac users will be able to play Gravi, Skyward Collapse, 3089 and Freedom Fall, while Linux fans can have Gravi and 3089.

If your interest is peaked, the minimum price at the time of this writing is just under $6, with n00bstar's "operat0r" album thrown in if you pay $7 or more. Trailers for most of The Sigma Bundle's contents can be viewed by clicking the box art for each game on the offer's website.

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The Sigma Bundle from Indie Royale is live!


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The Sigma Bundle is out! The latest collection of Indie Royale games is now live. This week's bundle features seven great indie titles ranging from puzzles via action, strategy, platformer & first person RPG action to more strategy. There's a lot of sci-fi and strategy this week!

Gravi, Skyward Collapse, 3089, Survive, Freedom Fall, Starpoint Gemini and Starvoid are in this week's bundle which launches at just $3.49 for $80 worth of games.

Gravi, 3089, Survive, Freedom Fall, Starpoint Gemini and Starvoid are available for Windows via Desura. Skyward Collapse, Gravi, Starpoint Gemini and Starvoid are available for Steam. Survive and Freedom Fall have been greenlit so we will have Steam keys for them soon. 3089 is in Greenlight seeking your support for a place on Steam.

Skyward Collapse, Gravi, 3089 and Freedom Fall are available for Mac with Gravi and 3089 also available for Linux.

The bonus target is $7 to get all the games plus the the fabulous chiptune album operat0r by n00bstar (available in FLAC and MP3).

You can find more information on the bundle, including real-time statistics and its current price, on its official website or via Indie Royale's Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages.

The full announcement and trailer can be found at

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