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Ridiculous Fishing hooks Android soon, same price as iOS


Vlambeer's amphibious hunting game, Ridiculous Fishing, is on its way to Android after eight months on iOS, the studio announced today. An Android port of Ridiculous Fishing has been on the table basically since the game launched, but the task was daunting, studio co-founder Rami Ismail said in March. However, Vlambeer couldn't ignore the fans for long.

"We've always thought of Android with a bit of reluctance, and we still think it's an awfully rough platform to develop for," Ismail tells Joystiq. "In many ways, the development of Ridiculous Fishing was a struggle for us, and to be honest we weren't sure about launching it or not until a week ago. There just were so many requests for the game on Android from our fans, so we couldn't withhold them the game if there was any way to make the game happen. We found a porting partner in Apportable, and they're the ones that really made the game happen on Android."

Ridiculous Fishing caused a few waves with its price point, charging $3 rather than the App Store's norm of free-to-play. It worked out: The game sold 300,000 units at $3 by August, and it ended up with an Apple Design Award (plus we liked it a ton). Ridiculous Fishing will cost the same on Android, but it's going to launch with a "sale of sorts," since the Android market appears to behave differently at launch than the App Store, Ismail says.

"We're really curious to see what'll happen after the launch – in many ways, we feel that how Ridiculous Fishing performs financially on Android will be an interesting comparison to the iOS ecosystem," he says. "For now, we're adding final tweaks and fixes to make sure that we can launch really, really soon. We really hope Android gamers will be happy with the effort we put into making this happen - this one is for them."

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