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Facebook data harnessed to deliver real-time sports trends to broadcasters

Nicole Lee, @nicole

Now that most of us take to social media to rant about our favorite sports teams, it was only a matter of time before our ramblings are collated and packaged as "trends" for the talking heads on television. SportStream, a company that specializes in collecting such data, has recently partnered with Facebook to deliver exactly that. Utilizing the social network's Keyword Insights and Public Feed APIs, SportStream came up with a new analytics tool that content producers and broadcasters can use to find out what's hot in the world of sports along with relevant audience info like location, gender and age. This way, interested parties can seek answers to questions such as "Whose fans are talking more about Game 2 of the World Series?" or "Are males under 30 interested in the Winter Olympics?" and that data will be presented in colorful charts as in the above graphic. While we're not sure if this data has any real value to TV audiences, you could at least use it to impress your buddies... if they're stats nerds anyway.

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