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Indie devs battle starvation, each other in Dyscourse bonus scenario


Who would be better-equipped to survive a week on a desert island: Double Fine head honcho Tim Schafer or Super Meat Boy developer Edmund McMillen? Would Vlambeer's Rami Ismail emerge as a better spear fisherman than Canabalt creator Adam Saltsman? Snuggle Truck developer Owlchemy Labs aims to answer these burning questions with "Indie Plane Crash," a recently announced bonus scenario for its Kickstarter-funded PC survival game Dyscourse.

Indie Plane Crash finds out what happens when indie devs stop being polite and start getting real over the course of an extended stay on a deserted island. Starring cast members include Tim Schafer, Edmund McMillen, Octodad's Phil Tibitoski, Antichamber creator Alexander Bruce, World of Goo developer Ron Carmel, Journey producer Robin Hunicke, Dejobaan Games' Ichiro Lambe, Auditorium's Will Stallwood, Adam Saltsman, and Rami Ismail.

Odds are good that some of these indies won't survive long enough to be rescued. As in Dyscourse's main story mode, players must make decisions and form alliances among fellow survivors in order to hunt, eat, and address emergent story details that unfold throughout.

Dyscourse has 18 days left in its ongoing Kickstarter campaign, and has earned over $13,000 toward its funding goal of $40,000.

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