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Working Apple 1 fails to get a single bid at auction


By now we're all fairly used to hearing about the record-breaking prices original Apple 1 computers are selling for at auction. However, over the weekend, a working Apple 1 computer from a group of the first 50 that were made went up on the block in Germany, and not only did it fail to sell -- it also failed to get a single bid.

The opening bid was only set at €180,000 (about US$243,000), which was relatively reasonable considering a previous Apple 1 sold at auction for $671,000. This working Apple 1 was expected to fetch between €250,000 to €400,000 ($338,000 to $540,000). It wasn't all bad for Apple products at the auction however, as an original Twiggy Mac sold for €25,000 (about $34,000), though a Lisa 1 also failed to attract any bids.

If anything, the lack of bids for an original working Apple 1 goes to show that the historical-computer market is as finicky as the high-art market.

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