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Candy Crush Saga passes 500m downloads, Bejeweled fans shake their heads


I won't play Candy Crush Saga -- mainly because it bothers me that Bejeweled never reached the same level of mainstream popularity -- but a lot of people do play it. Developer King revealed to The Telegraph that a whopping 500,000,000 have played the game across web and mobile platforms. The color-matching puzzler debuted on Facebook in April of 2012, followed by an iOS version in November and finally an Android release in December.

According to King, a staggering 78% of US fans play the game while watching TV, and Level 65 is the one that is most likely to trip players up. When players do hit a brick wall they always have the option of resorting to the game's in-app market for a help in exchange for cash, but the company claims 60% of players don't pay a dime. Of course, that still means that the other 40% are shelling out an unspecified amount of cash to get passed the more difficult levels.

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