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Joystiq Streams: Remembering the Xbox 360 launch lineup [Watch the replay!]


Update: The live show has ended. Watch part one of the replay above. Part two can be found after the break!

The Xbox One launches this week and so we're taking a well-timed look back at the launch of Xbox 360, just as we did with the PS3 last week. Join Dave and Xav as they play through a whole mess of Xbox 360 games, starting at 1pm ET.

On Friday, the Xbox 360 turns eight years old, so naturally the only way to celebrate its rich legacy is to stream some of its early games. We'll be checking out Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, Condemned: Criminal Origins and Peter Jackson's King Kong. We're also going to play some Too Human because reasons.

So join us, either on our Twitch channel or through this very post!

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